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Tegile Competitor Comparison

The differences between Tegile and Tintri are quite pronounced. While Tegile takes between 24–72 hours to install, Tintri takes half-an-hour or less from box to production. And Tintri simplifies day-to-day management by taking every action at the virtual machine (VM) level, where Tegile uses logical unit numbers (LUNs). The Tegile comparison to Tintri falls flat again when we review data services, policy-based management, enhanced storage and live migration offloading. Tintri offers snapshots, clones and replication for data management, single-pane of glass policy-based management, and VMware Storage vMotion for live migrations and offloading.



Workload isolation (auto-QoS) Per-VM Per-LUN
Quality of service min / max Per-VM Per-LUN


Data services like snapshots, clones, replication at a VM Level
Single-pane of glass, policy based management
Enhanced storage vMotion / live migration offload


Per Workload Headroom Visualization
Real-time analytics across storage, network and compute
Predictive analytics to forecast storage and compute requirements


Expand all-flash capacity one drive at a time
Automated rebalancing of VM placement to optimize use of resources


Space savings (deduplication)
Multi-hypervisor support on a single system
Ability to backup to public cloud for long term retention
Address non-virtualized workloads

Bottom Line

Tintri offers its users workload isolation at the VM-level to guarantee performance, while Tegile’s LUNs make this impossible. With workload isolation, Tintri is already head and shoulders above Tegile, and that’s only the beginning. Tintri also brings its users performance headroom visualization and both real-time and predictive analytics with no comparable capabilities from Tegile.

Tegile offers deduplication and multi-hypervisor support, but so does Tintri. Additionally, Tintri offers native backup to public cloud for long-term retention where Tegile does not. For those concerned with data center space and cloud services management, Tintri brings the clear advantage in space saving, backup provisioning and total automation, which means you’ll never have to manually configure your storage again. For application-level management, Tintri is simply better than Tegile.



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