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SyncVM™ - Efficient Copy Data Management

Accelerate Application Development & Recovery

Application development teams today experience a slow and inefficient process when trying to refresh their VM-based environments with new production data as it requires copying data on the entire LUN, identifying target VMs within the snapshots, and reconfiguring existing VMs to use new data sets.

Tintri SyncVM accelerates application development with efficient copy data management, at a VM-level, in minutes, regardless of the VM size and with no loss of performance history.

Efficient Copy Data Management

  1. Industry’s first data synchronization product that can refresh one or multiple VMs or vDisks of any size in minutes rather than hours or days
  2. Accelerate application development with a fast data refresh from production copies, at the VM-level, with no VM reconfiguration required
  3. VM-centric data management operations such as cloning, snapshots and replication eliminates the time wasted to locate LUNs or volumes
  4. Sync in a few clicks via the user interface (UI) or automate via PowerShell and REST APIs, minimizing error-prone manual process
  5. No additional storage needed to refresh data with space-efficient snapshots and clones 

Quickly refresh multiple VMs / Applications at a vDisk level

Quickly refresh multiple VMs / Applications at a vDisk level 


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“SyncVM not only allows easy cloning of a production server to multiple development servers but also synchronizes production data from the original production source server into multiple development environments much faster and with minimal data transfer compared to traditional storage systems.”

Jeffrey Wilhelm, CTO, Envision Technology Advisors 


Time Travel

  1. Time-travel between point-in-time versions of a VM for instant and efficient restores

  2. Preserve snapshot and performance history of the VM when going back and forth in time

  3. Recover VMs in 5 clicks via the UI or automate via PowerShell and REST APIs

  4. Simplify data protection and recovery process with no additional storage

  5. File-level restore provides a new level of granularity and flexibility if only one or a few files need to be restored 

Instantly recover any point-in-time version of a VM

Instantly recover any point-in-time version of a VM

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“Our application teams needed to accelerate their development and test cycles. Every day counts. They never thought they would get the help they needed from their storage team. With SyncVM, updates that previously took days or weeks can now happen in minutes. The teams can travel backwards and forwards through a VM’s complete snapshot history for nearly instant point-in-time recovery, all without losing snapshots or VM history.”

Ross Alaspa, Product Engineer, AMD