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Tintri and Commvault At a Glance

Streamline Backup, Replication and Storage at the VM level


Tintri VM-aware storage (VAS) is built for virtualized environments and the cloud. Enterprises and cloud service providers power their on-premises and hosted private cloud on Tintri, running a full range of mixed workloads – from VDI to business critical applications, to dev & test environments. You can create hundreds of high performance, zero-space VM clones speeding up VM provisioning for VDI, dev & test workloads. Data protection for critical workloads in multi-hypervisor environments such as VMware and Hyper-V is required to be seamless and simple to perform.

Commvault is an industry leader in enterprise backup and recovery. It backs up your databases,  files, applications, endpoints and VMs with maximum efficiency according to data type and recovery profile. Commvault supports VMware vSphere Storage APIs – Data Protection and Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) with Server Message Block (SMB) 3.0  file shares for Hyper-V hosted on Tintri VMstores.

Together, Tintri and Commvault provide customers with data protection of VMs, VM-level visibility, high performance backup and restore. See benefits of Tintri for Commvault below:

  • Manage and backup VMs and vDisks instead of LUNs and volumes—eliminate complex configuration and ongoing tuning.
  • Scale and Backup virtualized environments from hundreds to thousands of VMs without additional storage provisioning.
  • Protect individual VMs with customizable policies using Tintri VM-level data protection including space efficient snapshots that don’t impact performance.
  • Deploy affordable per-VM data protection and disaster recovery with Tintri VM-level replication reducing WAN bandwidth usage by as much as 95 percent with global deduplication and compression.

You can now backup and restore virtual machines hosted on SMB shares for Microsoft Hyper-V 2012 R2 environments with the joint Tintri and Commvault solution starting with Tintri OS 4.2.

Figure 1: SMB 3.0 access between Tintri and Commvault

Figure 1: SMB 3.0 access between Tintri and Commvault