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Flash and Hybrid Storage Support for Citrix® XenServer®

VM-Aware Storage Optimized to Power XenServer

Tintri VMstoreTM is designed from the ground up for virtualized environments and the cloud. Tintri storage systems are designed to support hundreds of thousands of virtual machines (VMs), running virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) platform such as Citrix XenDesktop, and server virtualization workloads concurrently with guaranteed VM level quality-of-service (QoS). Citrix XenServer is a leading server virtualization and hypervisor management platform. Tintri is optimized for predictable performance and control in XenServer environments. Choose Tintri and bring the benefits of performance, manageability and value to your Citrix XenServer deployments today. 


  • Per-VM isolation, VM-level QoS with max and min IOPS guarantee.
  • <1ms latency with all-flash and predictable performance even at high loads.
  • No more over-provisioning – fully utilize capacity and curb the VM sprawl.



  • Efficiency. 6x smaller storage footprint and 60x annual management reduction.
  • Concurrency. Multi-hypervisors running on the same box, at the same time.
  • Scale. Up to 32 VMstores and over 100,000 VMs with one single pane of glass.

VM-level Performance and Visibility

Since performance isolation is performed down to an individual VM level, Tintri can guarantee quality of service (QoS) with no spillover to other VMs. For details, refer to the QoS for Tintri VMstore white paper. You can monitor real-time analytics and collect historical statistics about your XenServer VMs running on Tintri VMstore. Figure 1 shows VM-level visibility with latency across host, network, storage and throttle. 

VM-level Visibility with Latency Across Infrastructures

Figure 1 VM-level Visibility with Latency Across Infrastructures 

Concurrent Hypervisor

Tintri VMstore is the only storage platform that supports concurrent hypervisors. You can run multi-hypervisor workloads on the same system, at the same time. This is very useful if you have mixed workloads or plan to migrate to Citrix XenServer without the need to add storage. You can grow and scale your XenServer deployments based on your timeline and budget. Tintri has taken additional steps to ensure easy configurations with fewer clicks to set up and deploy your XenServer environments. Figure 2 indicates the ease of switching and managing your multi-hypervisor environments on a single VMstore. 

Concurrent Hypervisor – XenServer Support

Figure 2 Concurrent Hypervisor – XenServer Support