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Tintri SCOM Management Pack and SCVMM Add-In

Manage and monitor Tintri VM-aware storage in Microsoft environments

Tintri VM-aware storage (VAS) for virtualization and cloud environments enables IT teams to focus on their applications instead of storage. Many IT organizations are using Microsoft System Center to manage their private clouds. Organizations use Systems Center Operations Manager (SCOM) to monitor their infrastructure and take appropriate actions. The Tintri SCOM management pack makes it easier for administrators to access Tintri metrics and alerts from their SCOM dashboard. Customers who also use SCOM for operations in multi-vendor environments, including VMware, Hyper-V or both, can collect metrics and alerts from Tintri, create filters for the data and trigger custom actions.

The use of Microsoft Hyper-V in on-premises virtualized and cloud infrastructure is also growing. Hyper-V administrators manage their environments through System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM). The Tintri SCVMM add-in enables cloud administrators to manage their Tintri storage from the SCVMM console. Customers can view Tintri predictive analytics to optimize capacity and performance and perform Tintri storage specific actions from within SCVMM.

Top 3 benefits of Tintri integration with SCOM

  1. Capture and Corelate Tintri VMstore Alerts in SCOM: The Tintri SCOM Management Pack provides integrated monitoring and management of Tintri VMstore systems and per VM level stats in the SCOM console. Centralized monitoring also allows the administrators to correlate the alerts from per VM to VMstore with those from the rest of the virtual infrastructure to get an end-to-end picture. 
  2. Threshold based alerts in SCOM: Tintri SCOM Management Pack allows you to create thresholds for Tintri parameters and assign it a severity level. Further, you can build multiple thresholds based criteria to trigger specific actions in SCOM.
  3. Setup within Minutes: Tintri SCOM Management Pack are simple to install and configure and an administrator can start to realize the benefits within minutes.

Top 4 benefits of Tintri integration with SCVMM

  1. VM-Level Space Efficient Snapshots and Clones: Just like the native Tintri VMstore user interface, Tintri SCVMM add-in enables VM-level data protection with Tintri space and performance efficient snapshots. Default snapshot schedules protect every VM automatically; custom schedules allow users to meet specific data protection needs. The SCVMM add-in allows creation of space efficient VM-level clones that are immediately visible in SCVMM. Data protection schedules can also be customized on a VM-level basis from SCVMM.
  2. Tintri Summary in SCVMM: The Tintri SCVMM add-in provides performance, capacity usage, end to end latency and trending metrics on per VM basis in the native SCVMM console. The unique real time insights and twenty four hour trend into performance and capacity on per VM level gives administrators an overall health metrics of their VMs.
  3. VMstore Information in SCVMM: Tintri SMI-S integration into SCVMM provides a VMstore array, capacity and logical information as a part of SCVMM fabric. Administrators can view model number, pool, total capacity and used capacity in the panel as part of storage infrastructure utilization.
  4. Instantly Diagnose and fix VM Performance issues: Performance bottleneck troubleshooting is a tedious management task as it is often difficult to pinpoint the source of the problem. With Tintri SCVMM, administrators have instant visibility, from the guest OS layer to the storage layer. They can see VM-level latency breakdowns in real time at any infrastructure layer—host, network and storage—to identify the source of performance issues and take immediate action (shown at right). The Tintri SCVMM add-in also provides historical graphical view of the performance metrics for easier troubleshooting.


Figure 1: Tintri SCVMM Add-in for Microsoft On-Premise Cloud


The Tintri SCVMM add-in and SCOM management pack enable unique per-VM storage operations from within Microsoft System Center. They facilitate the core storage operation with the tight integration of Tintri all-flash storage in Microsoft on-premise cloud environment. Cloud and IT professionals can focus on what matters for their cloud and IT users instead of managing underlying storage.