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Tintri Software Suite Data Sheet

Tintri Software Suite

VM Scale-out SyncVM ReplicateVM SecureVM Tintri Cloud Connector

Add value to your Tintri investment with advanced operations


Enterprises look to cloud architectures for highly scalable and automated services to be delivered on-demand. They want cloud benefits such as resource pooling, rapid scaling, automation, and self-service, but with superior security, control and flexibility for the organization’s applications.

Tintri puts public cloud agility in the data center with a combination of all-flash storage systems, web services and cloud management software. Tintri’s software leverages our highly differentiated CONNECT architecture. CONNECT offers a level of abstraction (virtual machines and containers) and a set of APIs that allows Tintri software to offer value beyond what is possible with conventional infrastructure.

Tintri Software Suite

Tintri software helps organizations realize the full potential of enterprise cloud. All Tintri systems ship with Tintri Global Center Standard and Tintri OS included.

The Tintri Software Suite adds advanced capabilities for value-add use cases ranging from enterprise cloud and data protection/disaster recovery to DevOps. The suite includes Tintri Global Center Advanced (delivering Tintri VM Scale-out software), ReplicateVM, SyncVM, SecureVM and Tintri Cloud Connector.

VM Scale-out

Tintri Global Center Advanced: Delivering VM Scale-out

Tintri Global Center Standard, included with all Tintri systems, is an intelligent data and system management product that assists administrators in policing their infrastructure, simplifying capacity planning, visualizing resource utilization, reducing bottlenecks in the IT network outside of the storage system, and simplifying policy management and enforcement. Customers can collect, display and act on real-time analytics across over 480,000 virtual machines worth of data over multiple data center locations.

Tintri Global Center Advanced adds Tintri VM Scale-out software, which creates resource pools of Tintri storage systems and intelligently optimizes the location of every application across those pools. The software uses machine learning that factors in the cost of moving applications and their performance requirements in optimizing the Tintri footprint.


ReplicateVM: Replication for data protection and disaster recovery

ReplicateVM offers VM-level asynchronous replication and synchronous replication for mission-critical applications. Asynchronous replication provides recovery point objectives, or RPO, as low as 1 minute. Tintri supports multi-site DR with great flexibility: one-to-one, many-to-one, and one-to-many replication on a per-VM basis. Synchronous replication offers zero RPO. ReplicateVM allows replication of only the intended VMs and eliminates waste of overall storage capacity by not replicating hitchhiker VMs due to legacy LUN/Volume architecture. Each VM can have a unique replication policy, and customers can set standard policies for VMs that are preserved even when they migrate between VMstores. Also, ReplicateVM reduces WAN bandwidth by up to 10X by operating at the VM level and offering compression and deduplication of data.


SyncVM: Copy data management

SyncVM provides flexible, fast and storage-efficient VM snapshots. Storage administration teams can recover point-in-time snapshots of individual VMs and rapidly restore files based on those snapshots. Application development teams can update multiple child-clones of applications from a master application image, reducing the time required to set up a new application environment.

With SyncVM you can do advanced snapshot management for copy data management, allowing flexible point-in-time recovery for applications, file level restore from snaps and update of child applications from a master application snapshot for testing and development, and DevOps use cases.


SecureVM: Encryption of data-at-rest

SecureVM offers built-in encryption for data-at-rest and supports manual key rotation and integration with external enterprise key management systems to secure an entire lost or stolen array cryptographically. SecureVM assures that data on physical drives is unrecoverable if a key or physical drive is compromised, protecting the enterprise from a wide range of threats.

Tintri Cloud Connector

Tintri Cloud Connector

Tintri Cloud Connector extends your data protection and disaster recovery strategy with secure cloud connectivity for long-term data retention. You can send local snapshots to public cloud and recover to your Tintri storage systems in minutes to protect, archive and recover your mission critical on-premises applications. Tintri Cloud Connector uses the Tintri CONNECT architecture, which abstracts storage at the VM and container level for the fastest recovery times and maximum flexibility.