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Tintri Storage for Educational Institutions


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Virtualization has swept through your campus and your data center. You’re being asked to support more virtual desktops, databases and servers—all for a more mobile, unpredictable and demanding group of students, faculty and administrators. And you’re expected to deliver better performance with less budget.

The risk is that the storage in your data center is actually architected for physical (not virtual) workloads. And so you’re losing hours tuning and troubleshooting your virtual machines instead of investing that time in more important projects.

The architecture that got you into this mess won’t get you out of it. And that’s why you need a highly differentiated VM-aware storage (VAS) solution. Tintri all-flash VAS is built exclusively for virtualized workloads, and that means you’ll have more visibility into virtualized applications, the power to guarantee performance and the flexibility to scale to exactly match growth.

Our value proposition isn’t elementary—we’re offering a fundamentally different storage architecture, built around virtual machines. The good news is that while it takes a genius to buy Tintri, it certainly doesn’t take a genius to manage it.


Troubleshooting your data center shouldn’t be a multiple-choice test. With Tintri, if an individual VM is having challenges, you hover over it in our user interface, and you’re presented with a complete latency breakdown—spanning host, network and storage. The root cause is immediately clear and you can move on to higher impact work. Like using Tintri predictive analytics to complete what-if analysis on the impact of adding another 500 desktops to your environment. Tintri offers you complete visibility into virtual machine behavior in real-time, and the ability to forecast your exact storage capacity and performance needs six months into the future.

“We came in one morning and noticed that one of our VMs had gone berserk over night. With just three clicks, Tintri could tell us exactly which VM was generating all of the load, and we were able to fix the issue quickly.”

John Ward, IT Enterprise Architect, University of California Irvine



If your storage is a bottleneck, you’re hearing about it from end users. And providers have a simple solution: buy more… especially expensive all-flash. That’s a band-aid. The root cause of the problem is conventional storage’s physical-first design. Your most demanding VMs can wreak havoc, regardless of how many IOPS you throw at them.

Tintri is different. Rather than force VMs to share resources (assigned to a LUN or volume), our architecture gives every VM its own, isolated lane. There is zero conflict, and so every VM gets the performance it needs. You can even set precise IOPS minimums (for mission critical VMs) and maximums (to cap a rogue VM). That’s why Tintri is the only storage that can guarantee the performance of every single virtual machine in your environment.

“We were blown away by how many IOPS were needed for our VDI deployment. Existing storage systems became the bottleneck. Since implementing Tintri, we don’t have performance bottlenecks.”

Ryan Makamson, Systems Administrator, Washington State University



The beauty of Tintri is that anyone in your data center that understands virtual machines can manage Tintri. And that means you can easily scale-out Tintri without adding management burden—in fact you can scale from just 17 TB up to 10 PB and operate it all with one employee. Tintri allows you to manage a mix of all-flash and hybrid platforms as one loosely coupled, federated pool of storage, and automatically optimizes the placement of every single VM across your entire footprint.

You can get started with a single workload (e.g. virtual desktops) and add separate workloads and even hypervisors on the same platform. Tintri can handle it all concurrently without missing a beat. And since you’ll be managing Tintri in a fraction of the footprint and management time, you’ll save capital and operating expenses (and your sanity).

“We were able to deploy virtual desktops at less than half the cost of physical desktops. At the same time we were able to provide user experience that is on-par or better than physical desktops.”

William Earles, Director of Infrastructure at Yavapai College

“Tintri is so easy to manage that even my interns can update our Tintri arrays.”

Steven Goodson, Network Support Manager at William Woods University


Tintri has helped dozens of educational institutions gain greater visibility into their environment, guarantee application performance, and drive material value. And that’s why Tintri sits at the head of the storage class.