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Tintri Storage for Healthcare


How healthy is your storage?

Technology is a critical component of delivering quality healthcare, and healthcare organizations depend on applications such as EMR, medical imaging, patient tracking, virtual desktops and more to meet patient needs. Those applications must deliver consistent, exceptional performance so staff aren’t sidetracked by technology, but totally focused on care.

Most mission critical applications have now been virtualized in healthcare data centers. That allows the organization to support a more mobile and malleable group of users. But it has also created an expectation that the organization should get better performance, faster, and with less budget.

The risk is that the storage in your data center is actually architected for physical (not virtual) workloads. And so you’re losing hours tuning and troubleshooting your virtualized applications instead of investing that time in higher impact projects.

The architecture that got you into this mess won’t get you out of it. And that’s why you need a highly differentiated Tintri VM-aware storage (VAS) solution. Tintri all-flash storage is built exclusively for virtualized workloads, and that means you’ll have more visibility into virtualized applications, the power to guarantee performance and the flexibility to scale to exactly match growth. Tintri cures the pain of conventional storage.


Troubleshooting your data center shouldn’t be a guessing game. With Tintri, if an individual VM is having challenges, you hover over it in our user interface, and you’re presented with a complete latency breakdown—spanning host, network and storage. It’s like an X-ray of your infrastructure, so you isolate the root cause in real-time.

You can also use Tintri to look ahead—predictive analytics let you forecast your future needs for storage capacity and performance. Apply what-if modeling to assess the effect of changes to your environment before implementation—for example, the impact of adding another 500 virtual desktops. Think of it as preventive care.

“We don’t need to rely on external management tools to get direct visibility into VM-level performance at the storage layer. Tintri provides performance troubleshooting at the VM-level, so we don’t need to guess or correlate data across multiple sources.”

David Scirratt, IT Infrastructure Manager, Central Washington Hospital



If your storage is a bottleneck, you’re hearing about it from end users (and possibly even patients). Storage providers have a simple solution: buy more… especially expensive all-flash. That’s a band-aid. The root cause of the problem is conventional storage’s physicalfirst design.

Tintri is virtualization-only. Rather than force VMs to share resources (assigned to a LUN or volume), our architecture gives every VM its own, isolated lane. There is zero conflict, and so every VM gets the performance it needs. You can even set precise quality of service (QoS) IOPS minimums (for mission critical VMs) and maximums (to cap a rogue VM). That’s why Tintri is the only storage that can guarantee the performance of every single virtual machine in your environment.

“Amongst the first employees to try out VDI were in our emergency department. They need fast access to information in a challenging environment, and they’ve remarked that the performance of Tintri is absolutely amazing.”

Darren Henderson, ICT Services Manager, South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust



The beauty of Tintri is that anyone in your data center that understands virtual machines can manage Tintri. That means you can easily scale-out Tintri without adding management burden. In fact, you can scale from just 17 TB up to 10 PB and operate it all with one employee. Tintri allows you to manage a mix of all-flash and hybrid platforms as one loosely coupled, federated pool of storage, and automatically optimizes the placement of every single VM across your entire footprint.

You can get started with a single workload (e.g. virtual desktops) and add separate workloads and even hypervisors on the same platform. Tintri can handle it all concurrently without missing a beat. And since you’ll be managing Tintri in a fraction of the footprint and management time, you’ll save capital and operating expenses (and your sanity).

“Our 17,000 IOPS legacy storage occupied 19 rack units. We now have 60,000 IOPS of Tintri in just 4 rack units. Our largest databases are 3TB and reporting time has improved more than 300%. The move to Tintri was brilliant for the company.”

Jamie Nolen, Senior Network Administrator, Dominion Diagnostics


Tintri has helped dozens of healthcare organizations gain greater visibility into their environment, guarantee application performance, and drive material value. Tintri storage is a surefire way to improve the health of your data center.