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Tintri Storage for State and Local Government


Is your storage a public works project?

More than 75% of workloads are now virtualized, and government agencies are no exception. Yet despite this virtualization, agencies often rely on outdated storage solutions, which require manual tuning and shuffling of VMs, harbor fragmented demand and duplicative systems, and altogether lack the agility that modern data centers require.

In short: legacy storage forces agency staff to focus on managing storage, rather than on delivering critical IT services.

Unfortunately, conventional storage won’t solve your virtualization problem. But Tintri VM-aware storage (VAS) can. That’s because Tintri VAS is built exclusively for virtualized workloads, granting you more visibility into virtualized applications, the power to guarantee performance and the flexibility to scale to exactly match growth.

Forward thinking State and Local Governments that prize efficiency trust their virtualized applications to Tintri. It’s a strategic advantage your data center can’t pass up.


If your storage is a bottleneck, you’re hearing about it from end users. And providers have a simple solution: buy more storage, even if it’s just more pricey conventional storage. Even something like all-flash alone is just a Band-Aid. You have to solve the root cause: conventional storage’s physical-first design.

Tintri is different. Rather than force VMs to share resources (assigned to a LUN or volume), our architecture gives every VM its own, isolated lane. There is zero conflict, and so every VM gets the performance it needs. You can even set the precise quality of service (QoS) and IOPS minimums (for mission-critical VMs) and maximums (to cap a rogue VM).

That’s why Tintri’s the only storage that guarantees the performance of every one of your VMs.

“We initially purchased Tintri just for a VDI project, but it is so easy to work with and provides such predictable performance, we are using it for nearly all of our workloads.”

Charlie Harcum, Network Manager, The City of Suffolk



With Tintri, if an individual VM is having challenges, just hover over it in our user interface. You’ll see a complete latency breakdown— spanning host, network and storage. The root cause is immediately clear, and you can move onto higher-impact work.

That’s just the beginning of Tintri’s VM-level visibility. Tintri boasts predictive analytics that enable you to gauge what-if scenarios, such as the impact of adding another 500 desktops to your environment. And Tintri lets you dive into real-time VM behavior, forecasting your exact storage capacity and performance needs six months into the future.

“We encountered a lot of bottlenecks on NetApp that we couldn’t explain. Tintri provides us with visibility into our entire environment at the VM-level, and lets us proactively ensure the health of our systems.”

Fred Reynolds, IT Manager, The City of High Point



The beauty of Tintri is that anyone in your data center that understands virtual machines can manage Tintri. That means you can easily scale out Tintri without adding management burden. In fact, you can scale from just 17 TB up to 10 PB and operate it all with one employee. Tintri allows you to manage a mix of all-flash and hybrid platforms as one loosely coupled, federated pool of storage. Moreover, Tintri automatically optimizes the placement of each VM across your entire footprint

You can get started with a single workload (e.g. virtual desktops) and add separate workloads and even hypervisors on the same platform. Tintri can handle it all concurrently without missing a beat. And since you’ll be managing Tintri in a fraction of the footprint and management time, you’ll save capital and operating expenses (and your sanity).

“Server virtualization does not achieve its full benefits unless the underlying storage was designed for the virtual environment. Tintri creates remarkable value.”

Rene Demant Juncher, Infrastructure Team Lead, Randers Kommune



Tintri is the only storage built specifically for virtualization and cloud. And so it can uniquely help State and Local Government meet their objectives—virtualize more applications to reduce footprint and guarantee the performance of every application. Importantly, Tintri can be managed in just minutes each week, so IT teams that are stretched thin can shift focus from tuning and troubleshooting to strategic priorities.