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Tintri Support Data Sheet

Storage Support from the Inside Out

With support from Tintri, you can see and protect your storage investments at the VM level. 

At Tintri, we challenge the storage quo by building storage specifically for virtualized workloads—so it’s only fitting that we challenge the “support quo,” too.

To us, support is more than just taking care of your storage infrastructure: our customer experience sits at the intersection of Technical Resolution, Business Efficiency, and Education. While we’ll gladly fix any unwelcome surprises, our education and efficiency services aim to prevent them from happening in the first place.

In fact, Tintri provides an automated detection system in every Tintri VMstore that constantly reports system health and diagnostics back to Tintri Global Technical Support. If something seems awry, a Tintri expert will immediately raise a ticket. Forget having to call support: we’ll probably call you before you even know there’s a problem. We’re always looking out for you—let’s explore how we do it.

Technical Resolution

Just as Tintri products provide management and visibility down to the VM level, Tintri provides support to the deepest level possible. Take advantage of our online support portal to access self-service technical assistance, firmware upgrades, technical service bulletins and user documentation.

And of course, Tintri offers web, phone and email support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, from our four support centers in California, Japan, Ireland and China. After all, your data center never stops running—why should we?

“Phenomenal, top notch support! Very responsive and helpful. One of only a few vendors that I do not dread contacting
for support.” – Andy Krimmer, Systems Engineer, Reinhart Boerner Van DeurenFor even more dedicated service, Tintri offers Tintri Technical Account Managers—highly skilled professionals with a minimum of five years’ experience in the storage/virtualization industry. Technical Account Managers can be dedicated 100% to your organization, with a 40-hours- a-week onsite option. Or, you can take advantage of our Shared Manager program—Technical Account Managers will spend 10 hours a week with your organization, splitting time with a maximum of three other accounts.

No matter what options you choose, you can be sure Tintri is as invested in your storage as you are. 

Support Before You Know It

With Tintri Support, you’ll never have to ask for a parts replacement—in fact, you might get asked first.

“Tintri Support responds to issues very quickly, usually before we even know we have a problem,” says Scott Zemke, systems engineer at the University of Arkansas. “Once when I was working behind one of the Tintri racks, I accidentally unplugged the power supply. Before I could plug it back in, a support engineer from Tintri called to say, ‘We noticed that your power supply has failed. We are sending a new one out. Where do you want it shipped?’ I said, ‘Thanks for noticing. But, give me a minute to plug it back and we should be just fine!’”

Keeping an Eye Out

With Tintri, you don’t have to be paranoid about maintenance anymore. In fact, Tintri Support automatically sends notifications if it senses something’s gone awry, letting you work stress-free.

“We received one just a few weeks ago, when we were rebooting vCenter after a Microsoft patch update,” says Paul Newman, manager of global network architecture at Colorcon. “The Tintri appliance triggered a support ticket because it noticed that vCenter was unavailable to the storage. Even though it wasn’t actually a problem, the automatic notifications are very reassuring.”

Tintri Knows it All

Sure, Tintri Support knows everything there is to know about Tintri products, but we know more than that. In fact, if you have any kind of problem, even ones not relevant to a Tintri product, we can help you out.

Just ask Jerry Bishop, director of IT at Reinhart, who received great support from Tintri during the initial configuration, even on issues that weren’t related to the storage. “Tintri helped us plug into our IT management software,” reports Bishop. “The Tintri support reps regularly went ‘above and beyond’ to provide us with direction and advice, not only on the Tintri devices, but on our other systems as well. They have a tremendous depth of expertise on Tintri, but also provide great advice on our other infrastructure as well.”

Edward-Elmhurst Healthcare“With our previous storage provider, our IT team had to escalate problems to me so I could put pressure on the vendor to get the level of support we needed. I never have to push anyone at Tintri. They are committed to providing a very high level of support from beginning to end.”

—Don Fosen, Director of Technology, Edward-Elmhurst Healthcare 


Business Efficiency

It’s looking grim: somehow, a part has malfunctioned, mission-critical applications are at risk, and you need a replacement by the next day, or even in just a few hours. Don’t worry—Tintri’s on the case.

Beyond our basic hardware warranty, Tintri offers two support subscription tiers for your organization’s specific requirements, IT needs and business goals. As your business evolves, you can easily adjust your support levels. 

Level Hardware Availability Downloads

Next business day proactive parts replacement and field engineer1 

24/7/365: Web, phone and email 

All software releases and updates 


Up to 4-hour on-site proactive parts replacement and field engineers2 

24/7/365: Web, phone and email 

All software releases and updates 

1 Cutoff for dispatch is 3:00 PM local time.
2 Platinum Support requires part depot within 150 miles (240 km) of install location.

Tintri partners with Flash Logistics to deliver and install spare parts from 74 locations all over the world—49 in the Americas, 10 in APAC, and 16 in EMEA—to 700 locations globally. Moreover, Tintri partners with NCR to deliver field engineer coverage in over 200 countries. That means no matter where your data centers are—and you might have more than a few, these days—Tintri is on standby for the unpredictable.

Don’t let your data center keep you up at night. We’ll stay up for you.


University of Arkansas“Support is usually calling me BEFORE there is a problem, but when I do call it’s like calling your best friend. They are with you until it’s fixed, and your problem is their problem. No passing the buck here.”

—Scott Zemke, Systems Engineer, University of Arkansas


Like the old proverb, we’re firm believers of teaching people how to fish. That’s why we run Tintri Certification Programs for three levels of Tintri Certified Professionals: Tintri Certified Systems Engineers, Sales Professionals and Field Engineers.

Anyone can take Tintri’s 100% online, 100% self-paced course to become an expert in Tintri’s virtualization software and hardware. And to date, we’ve seen over 1,600 people complete Tintri certifications from over 35 different countries. That’s a lot of Tintri experts.

You’re ready to go.

We know you invested a lot into your storage infrastructure—money, time and of course, people. Tintri Global Technical Support will make sure that doesn’t go to waste. With talented field engineers and dedicated support services, Tintri will make sure even the most unexpected of disasters will do minimal damage—sometimes even before you realize something’s wrong. Come talk to us if you’ve got questions. After all, we’re great at finding answers.