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Tintri VM Scale-out Data Sheet

Scale out your storage as easily as your compute


Forget conventional storage scale-up and scale-out solutions. Those are expensive and hardware-dependent, and require a team of storage PhDs to manage them. What if you could scale-out your storage the same way you scale-out compute in your enterprise cloud and virtualized environment: by just adding another server and letting the hypervisor manager optimize VMs across the pool? Now you can with Tintri Enterprise Cloud.

Tintri VM Scale-out recommends actions

FIGURE 1. VM Scale-out recommends actions that will optimize the placement of applications across your storage pool.

VM Scale-out Differentiation

1. Identify issues

Based on 30 days of historical data, VM Scale-out looks forward a week, looking for ways to optimize VM distribution within a pool of VMstores.


2. Recommend actions

VM Scale-out finds the best location for every individual virtual machine, factoring in time, data movement, and capacity utilization. Edit the recommendations and VM Scale-out learns.


3. Predict outcomes

If you accept the recommendation, VM Scale-out tells you what the result will be and how long it will take to execute. With storage live migration offload, you can execute the recommendation in a matter of minutes instead of hours.



“Conventional scale out promises scale but struggles beyond 100s of VMs, not to mention it doesn’t give us the flexibility in how and what to scale with nor the intelligence to predict workload demands. Tintri’s Scale Out architecture and VM Scale-out will do for storage what VMware’s vSphere and DRS did for compute. The notion of tripling and quadrupling our virtualized infrastructure without adding the corresponding number of dedicated storage resources has tremendous appeal to us. Combined with advanced analytics, QoS, automation, and policy-based VM management, this gives us a powerful platform to build a very agile virtualized infrastructure.”



Conventional storage scale-out was not designed for today’s cloud and virtualized applications. TIntri was designed to simplify workload scaling—with our CONNECT architecture and VM Scale-out technology you can manage up to 480,000 VMs from one central console:

  • Federated pool of storage: Treat multiple systems as a pool of storage, simplifying management, planning and resource allocation.
  • Scalability and performance: Scale to more than one million VMs, with separation of control flow from data flow that ensures low latency and high scalability.
  • Compatability: Scale from small to very large with new and existing systems, whether they’re all flash or hybrid, or partially or fully populated systems.
  • VM and software-based: Deliver consistent performance for virtualized and cloud applications, instead of inflexible hardware solutions requiring proprietary interconnects and specialized vendor training.
  • Scale compute and storage independently: Loose coupling of storage and compute provides customers with the maximum flexibility to scale these elements independently.


  1. VM Scale-out optimizes your VMs based on a complete picture of their storage capacity and performance needs.
  2. Gives you least-cost recommendations, saving you time, bandwidth and capacity, to maintain optimal VM distribution.
  3. You can review and edit the recommendations, and see the outcome before committing.
  4. VM Scale-out learns every time you edit its recommendations and allows you to opt certain VMs out of migration.
  5. Allows you to start small, with as few as 17TB and a couple hundred VMs, all the way to 480,000 or more with the same storage team you have today.