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Tintri vRealize Orchestrator Plugin

Automate workflows at the VM level with Tintri and VMware vRealize Orchestrator

Many IT organizations use VMware vRealize Orchestrator to simplify the creation of custom workflows in VMware environments. While many traditional storage vendors integrate with vRealize Orchestrator, they can only automate array-level or LUN-level operations. Because most workflows are based around applications and their associated VMs, this creates a fundamental disconnect. Tintri VMaware storage (VAS) for virtualization and cloud environments is designed to operate at the VM level, enabling your IT team to focus on managing applications instead of storage.

The Tintri vRealize Orchestrator plugin facilitates the integration and use of Tintri storage in vRealize environments with a variety of predefined VM-level workflows that automate common storage tasks including snapshots for VM protection, replication for disaster recovery, copy data management for DevOps environments, and per-VM quality of service (QoS) to guarantee performance service levels across large numbers of VMs. These tasks can be automated as a part of your cloud infrastructure orchestration.

The Tintri vRealize Orchestrator plugin integrates Tintri storage operations with higher management layers such as VMware vRealize Automation or vCloud Director at the right level of management—the VM.

Benefits of Tintri vRealize Orchestrator Plugin

Build VM-Level Automation Workflows

The Tintri vRealize Orchestrator plugin offers building blocks for storage operations on a per-VM basis. These can be assembled into workflows as desired in a VMware-based private cloud.

Eliminate Manual Steps in Storage Operations

Automation makes previously unattainable services accessible to customers of both enterprise IT and service providers. By eliminating manual administration, Tintri cuts hours or days of waiting for snapshots, data protection, replication, QoS, and copy data management.

Guarantee VM-Level Performance and QoS

Tintri VMstore provides built-in performance isolation and dynamic scheduling that automatically adjusts per-VM performance. Specific policies or storage tiers can be configured for individual VMs or groups of VMs for workloads that require it.

Tintri workflows for vRealize Orchestrator

Figure 1: Tintri workflows for vRealize Orchestrator

Use Cases

Data Center Automation

Today’s dynamic data centers run a diverse set of virtualized applications. With traditional storage, infrastructure tasks such as backup, snapshots, and replication must be performed manually, consuming valuable administrator time.

With Tintri storage and the Tintri vRealize Orchestrator plugin, storage infrastructure workflows can be easily automated at the VM level as part of a comprehensive data center management and orchestration effort.

Data Protection and Disaster Recovery

Snapshot capabilities provided by the Tintri plugin can be exposed to end users from a self-service portal. An app developer can take a snapshot before an application push, or a Windows server engineer can snapshot hundreds of servers before they get patched.

By creating a per-VM protection schedule, you can protect applications based on their individual needs without having to conform to the limited capabilities of traditional storage. Applications can be protected with recovery point objectives (RPOs) as low as 15 minutes and can utilize a deep tree of up to 128 snapshots for longer-term data protection.


Tintri SyncVM empowers DevOps to perform data refreshes within minutes. DevOps can leverage the SyncVM and QoS workflows from within vRealize Orchestrator to accelerate continuous integration, release, and deployment of software features.

Cloud Service Providers

Using vRealize Orchestrator, cloud service providers can provide tiered services that customers can select based on their budget and performance needs, with guaranteed performance SLAs and accurate billing.

Simplified Workflows for Superior Storage Automation

The Tintri vRealize Orchestrator plugin enables storage automation based on unique per-VM storage operations, facilitating the integration and use of Tintri storage in vRealize environments. A variety of predefined workflows for QoS, replication, cloning, data protection, and copy data management are provided natively in vRealize, allowing you to focus on application workflow development instead of storage management.