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Tintri for vSphere Integrated Containers

VMware vSphere Integrated Containers enables IT operations to host enterprise clouds based on containers and traditional VMs side-by-side on a shared infrastructure. It allows developers to continue using their existing container management and provisioning tools while providing IT operations with the visibility and management of containers both teams require.

The Tintri Enterprise Cloud Platform provides storage built from the ground up for containerized and virtualized workloads. In combination with vSphere Integrated Containers, Tintri provides visibility into container performance, the power to guarantee performance through per-container quality of service (QoS) policies, and the flexibility to scale your infrastructure for the growth of both containers and VMs. 

vSphere Integrated Containers

vSphere Integrated Containers

Four key benefits with Tintri for vSphere Integrated Containers:

  1. Performance

    If your storage is a bottleneck, you’re already hearing about it from end users. In the past, you could plan more carefully and slowly to try to avoid problems, but that’s not an option in a fast moving containerized environment. Simply buying more storage, especially with all-flash, is a very expensive band-aid, and doesn’t get to the root of the problem. Traditional storage was designed for physical rather than virtualized or containerized workloads, and it’s almost impossible to guarantee performance for containers and VMs on storage designed around LUNs and volumes.

    Tintri is different. Tintri gives every container and VM its own, isolated IO lane. There is zero conflict and no noisy neighbors, so every application automagically gets is fair share of performance, no manual tuning or setup required. You can create tiers of storage performance by setting per-container QoS minimums for mission critical applications and maximums to cap lower priority applications. Tintri is the only storage that can guarantee the performance of every single container or VM in your environment.
  2. Visibility

    Troubleshooting performance of containers shouldn’t be a guessing game. With Tintri, if an individual container is not performing as expected, your first stop is the Tintri UI which provides real-time analytics. This includes an end-to-end latency breakdown—spanning host, network and storage – by simply hovering your mouse over the container. It’s like an X-ray of your infrastructure that makes it a snap to isolate the root cause in real-time. Tintri also provides predictive analytics through its Tintri Analytics platform, providing insights into your storage future based on the organic and project based infrastructure growth of your containers and VMs.

  3. Scale

    The beauty of Tintri with containers is the visibility is gives to your IT operations teams into the needs of the container, which today are hidden behind VMs that may be carved into dozens or hundreds of containers by your developers. With Tintri, no storage expertise is required. Anyone in your data center who understands VMware vSphere can manage the storage for both containers and VMs. That means you can easily scale-out your containerized environment without adding management burden. With Tintri’s federated approach, your organization can scale container and VM strorage from just 17 TB up to 10 PB and operate it all the same team you have today. Tintri allows you to manage a mix of all-flash and hybrid platforms as one loosely coupled, federated pool of storage, and automatically optimizes the placement of every single application across your entire footprint.
  4. All the benefits of Tintri, without burdening your developers

    vSphere Integrated Containers exposes a Docker compatible API for developers to instantiate container images. After a one-time setup, developers can continue deploying and managing containers just like before. Developers keep their management tools, IT operations gain visibility into containers and can manage containers just like VMs, and Tintri provides the benefits of per-container visibility, manageability, guaranteed performance and QoS. 


Tintri for vSphere Integrated Containers allows organizations to quickly add support for containers without re-architecting their entire infrastructure, while gaining the benefits of container level Quality of Service (QoS), scale-out and real-time and predictive analytics.