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Clouditalia Customer Video: "This is the Future."

Delio Trapani
Data Center Director, Clouditalia

Raffaello Poltronieri
Cloud Specialist, Clouditalia

Clouditalia is a small service provider that operates both in the field of telecommunications and in the cloud sector.  This adventure started in 2012 when Clouditalia decided to offer a cloud solution along with its telecommunication market products.  One of the first problems we encountered was realizing that we had a strong need for storage.  

We thought of Tintri, because we had tried it personally in 2013 then because I think it is a market leader in the field of software-defined storage.  

Like most inspiring stories, I can say that success comes from a difficult situation.  We presented a POC when we were facing a serious problem with our storage infrastructure and I have to say that the outcome was great.  In one of the two data centers we installed a demo box T880 and I have to say that the operation turned out to be really successful.  

The outcome was amazing and unbelievable.  

With Tintri in our data centers, we have been able to add in our catalog a new item, so our customers have the opportunity to use another tool, which was the fast storage.  So you can buy CPU, you can buy RAM, you can buy storage, and then you can buy fast storage.  

This is the future.

Where they had latencies of tens or hundreds, if not even thousands of milliseconds, today they have latencies below ten milliseconds and this is extremely important.  

The performance improved beyond expectations and the customer satisfaction was extremely high.  Another positive effect of the technology that we adopted in our data centers is that it dramatically reduced our time in storage management. 

Now that there’s Tintri, we don’t have to think about it anymore.  It’s on and it works.  

Let me say that the best way to describe this product is: It works and it works well.