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Customer Highlights: "It's Really Unmatched."


Customer Highlights Video: "It's Really Unmatched."

Keith Pratola, Senior Cloud Architect, Atlantic Metro Communications: Cost per performance, it’s really unmatched, when we looked at various storage vendors.  Now we just log into the Tintri Global Center, I take a look, see where the latency is coming from, and I can track it down extremely easily.  Before, I would have to spend money on third party applications so now we’re also saving money just from using the analytics that come from Tintri.

Scott Zemke, Director of Information Technology, University of Arkansas: We’re not provisioning LUNs anymore, we’re not watching it, we’re not… it’s a lot of free time now.

Delio Trapani, Data Center Director, Clouditalia Telecomunicazioni: Now that there’s Tintri, we don’t have to think about it anymore.  It’s on and it works.  Let me say that the best way to describe this product is:  it works and it works well.

Raffaello Poltronieri, Cloud Specialist, Clouditalia Telecomunicazioni: We wanted something more innovative that could give added value to traditional storage, and we thought of Tintri.

KP: With Tintri I no longer spend time managing storage, so now I have a lot more free time to innovate.

Will Allred, Associate Director of Technology, University of Arkansas: We joke with each other about who gets to be the Tintri administrator that day, because we don’t have to administer it.