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Customer Highlights: "Tintri Left Our Existing Storage in the Dust."


Customer Highlights Video: "Tintri Left Our Existing Storage in the Dust."

Andre Potgieter, IT Executive, Ster Kinekor: So in essence we started on a Friday night with a T850 device, we deployed around ten o’clock in the evening, started vMotioning two or three production boxes onto the platform, and by Monday morning 130 production boxes were fully vMotioned onto the T850.

Thomas Spindler, CTO, Solid Park: It’s so easy to manage. Now our admin guys for VMware can now manage it by themselves. No command lines, easy graphical tool, we can see the live data what the performance is, if we have issues [with] noisy neighbors. Easy. And good reports. Simple reports to understand what is going on with the system.

AP: Since we deployed our Tintri units, we’ve had absolutely no storage meetings anymore, no more data LUNs, and no more management; actually storage isn’t a point of discussion in our organization anymore.

Daniel Gould, CTO, Stratogen: The Tintri system just delivered exactly what it said on the box.  It was one of those solutions that went straight in, didn’t require a lot of hard work, and didn’t require re-engineering of our environment or our solutions.  We were able to use it straightaway from Day One and the performance we were seeing through the system was phenomenal.  It left our existing storage environments in the dust.

Firoze Bhorat, Technical Lead, Derivco: Hi, I’m Firoze from Derivco, software development company in South Africa.  I’m the technical lead of the dev and test environments team.  We currently provision 4500 VMs to our customers in the company.

TS: For instance, we have a report from a customer running SQL server.  It takes about 30 seconds to one minute to generate that report.  I asked them to generate it with the new storage system and it takes two seconds!

AP: From a storage perspective we were consuming about 35U in the rack.  We replaced 35U with 4U and four data cables and that is it.  So we’ve essentially freed up half a rack.

DG: The new platform going forward combined with Cisco UCS and Cisco Nexus, allows us to carry on delivering that 100% guaranteed uptime for our infrastructure that our customers come to us for.

FB: From unbox to install in eight minutes.  If anyone can beat that I’d be impressed.  No LUNs.  The way we architected our product LUNs are a no-no.  They don’t dovetail well with the way we handle our systems.  With the Tintri unit it’s just one big unit that we can pretty much deploy into and with the dashboard we know exactly where we’re pushing our limits and how far we can go with that unit.