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Envision Technology Advisors: 362 Times Faster

Building a cloud that will outperform the competition

When we were looking to build a cloud for our customer base, we weren't trying to build the average everyday cloud... not a commodity solution...we were trying to build something that was going to outperform and out-deliver everything else on the market. We've tested against four of the major providers in the industry, and on the one we outperformed the least, our system was 362 times faster than theirs.  More importantly, we’re building a cloud platform that we have to manage.  We’re not expecting to have two customers, we’re expecting to have thousands of customers.  They’re going to call us and they’re going to ask us about performance and metrics in their individual virtual machines.  The Tintri platform was the only one at the time that gave us the ability to drill down individually into each virtual machine, and not just see what the storage performance was doing, but to have that correlate to what the VMware log said was happening with the virtual machine. So the breadth of information and the completeness of the detail we get from the Tintri solution, can't be found in other products.

Insight into the IT environment

The value that we saw in the Tintri product was twofold. One, we thought that the management interfaces for Tintri could give us a level of insight into the environment that we just couldn't get in another product line. And second, we thought that the predictive algorithms [that you guys have] developed for identifying IOPS that we may potentially need and pre-caching them, were way more efficient than the other vendors we saw in the lab. So it was a natural fit for us.

Intelligent storage for optimal performance

When we looked at other hybrid flash arrays, lot of them are using a first in first out model for managing the flash portion of the product.  The Tintri product doesn’t do that. The Tintri product is a lot more intelligent.  The Tintri product is doing predictive analysis.  The Tintri product is looking at hot spotting within the data set.  So when we looked at other products and we tested them, we were only getting a 50% hit rate in the cache.  When we worked with the Tintri product, from minute one, the Tintri solution performed vastly better than what we were seeing in the other product line.  

- Todd Knapp, CEO, Envision Technology Advisors