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Envision Technology Advisors: Tintri's Twofold Value - Insight and Efficiency

Tintri as a Partner

As we work with Tintri, as a partner, we got access to beta programs and to development personnel sometimes directly responsible for feature development. So when we said “Look we need a volume that exceeds 16 TB and we need to be able to index subfolders in an NFS volume with your reporting system.”  Those things didn’t exist at the time we got involved, and early on they said “You know what, there’s a roadmap and we’re interested in those, but we’re going to accelerate those for you.”

Sure enough on the next release we had what we needed. 

The Buying Decision

When we got into the Tintri platform, in our assessment process, there were two things we did that might have thrown our local team for a loop a little bit.  First was when we got the demo box, we yanked a bunch of parts out of it and called tech support and said “Hey, this thing is broken.” It wasn’t, but we called because we wanted to see what the support system was like. That was a joke that kind of blew back on us because what happened was, first of all we called support. They were remarkably responsive and were on the phone in minutes.  The other thing that happened was that the very next day we came into the office and there was a box from Tintri.  We opened it up and there were spare power supplies and spare hard drives that weren’t broken.  We just took them out to be able to call support, but the box had automatically phoned home, and Tintri had proactively sent us the things that they thought we might need.  And that was a real clincher for us in the buying decision. 

Twofold Value: Insight and Efficiency

The value that we saw in the Tintri product was twofold. One, we thought that the management interfaces for Tintri could give us a level of insight into the environment that we just couldn't get in another product line. And second, we thought that the predictive algorithms [that you guys have] developed for identifying IOPS that we may potentially need and pre-caching them, were way more efficient than the other vendors we saw in the lab. So it was a natural fit for us.

- Todd Knapp, CEO, Envision Technology Advisors