Raymond James Bridges Fiber Channel Using Tintri | Tintri

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Greg Hatch, Infrastructure Architect, Raymond James

Raymond James is a complete fiber channel shop right now, and a lot of that involves vBlock rack compute systems.  The main challenge that brought Tintri in was we're not able to connect any other fiber channel storage to it.  But Tintri being NFS network based, we can plug it in and we don't violate any support agreement and we still get the performance we want without spending a huge amount of money paying VCE for storage which is five years old technology or worse.

We beat the VNX2 with the Tintri and that right there, you know, comparing the price per IOP, price per terabyte, just blew us out of the door.

Tintri is our first hybrid array that really does flash first for the writes and such versus just caching it, and getting the performance out of a small box is pretty incredible.