Major Regional Medical Center: VDI implementation | Tintri

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Major Regional Medical Center: Why they chose Tintri for their VDI implementation

The Best Performance

I first heard about Tintri through a VMware User Group meeting, and it immediately piqued my interest so I started trying to persuade the powers that be that this might be something that we’re interested in.  We researched it more, we talked to other vendors too, we did our due diligence. 

I was just really impressed throughout the process with Tintri. We discovered we weren't really delivering the best performance we could to our users in terms of our VDI [desktop] experience. We needed a solution that could deliver more efficiency, more IOPS. In the short time we've been using Tintri we noticed a marked improvement, much better performance, much more responsiveness.

A lot of our workforce is clinical people, nurses who use WOWs, workstations on wheels, that they push around the patient rooms, and for HIPAA compliance reasons they need to lock those workstations when they’re not standing at it, so again it’s a user logon scenario where now they’re tapping in and getting back to their desktops that much faster because of the improved performance with Tintri.

A Nicer Life in General

More time to spend on improvements to our environment, learning about new things going on in technology, the less time I spend worrying about that stuff at work is more time I can enjoy with my family, and a less stressful, nicer life in general. 

- Luke Gray, Systems Engineer, Major Regional Medical Center