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Reinhart Law: "All-in" with Tintri

The Tintri Difference

There’s really two things that impressed me most and it’s really a differentiator for almost all vendor selections and that is how they treat you post-sale.  We started out by buying one system to solve our VDI problem and that evolved into replacing all of our storage with Tintri.

Stellar Support

The main factor was the quality of the Support organization, not only helping us with the implementation, but helping us answer the questions we had from some of the things we were seeing that weren’t even related to the storage.  On the other side of things it really allows us to focus now more on trying to respond to some of the strategic initiatives that the business has, instead of spending our time managing storage and the infrastructure.  The other part of that was there’s just a tremendous amount of executive support for us making this commitment to put all of our systems on Tintri. 

Going All In with Tintri

So unlike others who might hang on to their legacy systems, we're getting rid of all of it. And so every bit of our storage will be on Tintri at the end of this month.

- Jerry Bishop, Director of IT, Reinhart Law