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Storage Field Day 10

On May 26, 2016, Tintri participated in Storage Field Day 10. Thanks to the folks at SFD, video recordings of Tintri's product demos, overviews and talks are available below for your convenience. We'd like to thank everyone who attended and who provided valuable feedback. We hope you enjoy Tintri's new slate of products as much as we enjoyed making them!

Tintri Product Overview and Vision with Kieran Harty

As CTO and co-founder of Tintri, Kieran Harty knows Tintri inside and out. So there's no better person than him to introduce Tintri's VM-aware storage products, which let users take every storage action at the VM level. With Tintri, users can manage, replicate, clone, snapshot and analyze individual VMs. All without LUNs, volumes and the storage complexity that come with them.

Tintri VM-Aware Storage and Quality of Service Demo

Tintri's chief technology evangelist, Justin Lauer, demonstrates how Tintri lets users guarantee (and protect!) the performance of individual VMs. Watch how Tintri eliminates guesswork and allows storage proessionals to create quality of service (QoS) profiles that offer unmatched control and visibility. No more overprovisioning.

Tintri VM Scale-Out Demo with Mark Gritter

Tintri cofounder Mark Gritter demos Tintri VM Scale-Out, the brain behind Tintri's modern scale-out architecture. Built on Tintri's VM-aware storage (VAS) platform, Tintri VM Scale-Out collects a million data points every ten seconds from thousands of VMs. Then, it uses that information to optimize VM distribution across multiple pools of storage.

Tintri Analytics Demo with Brandon Salmon

Brandon Salmon demonstrates Tintri Analytics, which helps organizations model both capacity and performance requirements for their storage. Tintri Analytics collects up to three years of historical information about your virtualized applications. Then, by mining your rich VM-level metadata, it empowers storage professionals with information about your environment. Where other storage solutions just provide unorganized information, Tintri Analytics provides answers that motivate action, letting you make decisions based on the exact behaviors and needs of your virtualized applications.

Tintri SyncVM Demo with Christopher Slater

Technical Marketing Engineer Christopher Slater demos Tintri SyncVM, the industry's first data synchronization product that can refresh one or more VMs/vDisks in minutes, regardless of their size. With SyncVM, storgae professionals can accelerate application development with fast data refreshes from production copies at the VM level, with no VM reconfiguration required. Plus, syncing just takes a few clicks, and can be automated via Powershell and Rest APIs.

Tintri Wrap-up Discussion with Kieran Harty

Tintri's got a big slate of products, and more than a few "firsts"—all because Tintri is the first and only true VM-aware storage vendor. Watch the Tintri Storage Field Day wrap-up discussion, led by Kieran Harty, and see where SFD delegates think the future lies for Tintri.