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5 steps to migrate to Microsoft Hyper-V with Tintri customer, Life-Science Innovations

5 steps to migrate to Microsoft Hyper-V with TintriPlease join Matthew Geddes, Sr. Hyper-V Architect with Tintri and Tim Starkenburg, System Admin for Life-Science Innovations (LSI), as they discuss and demonstrate a real Hyper-V deployment in just five easy steps. During the session, you will learn how Tintri VM-aware storage (VAS) provides LSI higher performance with significantly lower CapEx and OpEx, while at the same time, making the migration considerably less complicated.

See the difference Tintri VAS made at LSI by:

  • Savings in licensing and consulting fees
  • Increasing productivity with zero downtime
  • Expanding workload support towards 100% virtualization

You will also see how easy it is to:

  • Take VM-consistent snapshots
  • Create file share with SCVMM
  • Provision a VM using ODX

Voice of customer: 5 easy steps to a real Hyper-V deployment with Tintri VAS                  

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