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Building a Hybrid Cloud with Tintri

AHEADJoin Nick Colyer, Senior Technical Architect at AHEAD, as he presents a joint webinar with Adam Cavaliere, Principle Sales Engineer at Tintri, on how IT can deliver real world automation in your hybrid cloud utilizing Tintri automation workflows.

Building a Hybrid Cloud with Tintri will review cloud management and where Tintri (in combination with VMware) fits into the AHEAD Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Reference Architecture.

Nick and Adam will uncover Tintri’s capabilities for self-service when combined with powerful VMware automation tools like vRealize Automation and vRealize Orchestrator. Discover how you can get started today with Tintri automation workflows when you leverage these tools.

They will also demo three distinct use cases for Tintri automation:

  • Hybrid Cloud Self-Service: Fast cloning, snapshots, and replication
  • DevOps Data Synchronization: Automating Tintri SyncVM and enabling self-service for developers and QA teams
  • Automating Data Governance: Extending Tintri automation with ServiceNow and sanitizing PII data