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Demo Days — See how Tintri turns-on VDI in <30 minutes

See how Tintri turns-on VDI in <30 minutesIf you have a VDI project, ask yourself what it might mean to see VDI more clearly? You’ve heard about the pains and you may have even heard about some flashy storage solutions that can solve that pain. A successful VDI project that meets your budget goals should offer more than flash storage. It should also reduce the operational overhead associated with deployment, performance management, and maintenance.

In this on-demand webinar, we will demonstrate with a live demo the ease of deployment and performance management possible with Tintri VM-Aware storage. We will show the following areas.

  • Ease of configuration & setup within Tintri – Get your VDI storage running in under 30 minutes
  • Scale Performance – View holistic performance
  • Reduce Management & Simplify Troubleshooting – See why the Tintri’s VM-level dashboard expedites troubleshooting & planning

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