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Get Guaranteed Storage Performance for Virtualized Workloads

Get Guaranteed Storage Performance for Virtualized Workloads

Today’s enterprise storage is flashier than ever before, delivering IOPS that datacenters could only dream about just a few years ago. And yet storage performance problems have only gotten worse and harder to solve as applications have become largely virtualized. Storage performance in a virtualized environment is not just about IOPS, it is about how well that potential performance is given to individual VMs. Storage vendors have changed their stance from denying the value of VM-aware storage to paying lip service to it.

At Tintri, we believe that only application-aware storage that does everything at the VM level can help you solve your most vexing storage problems and create an infrastructure that scales to meet the needs of your applications with predictable, manageable storage performance.

You are invited to join Tintri’s CTO and Co-Founder Kieran Harty for this special webinar to learn more.

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