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Lessons Learned from the DevOps Movement

Speaker: Matt Geddes, Field CTO

As companies are continuing to be asked to do more with fewer resources and less budget, it’s important to invest in the right places. Words like DevOps and Private Cloud are popular terms that are gaining traction in the workplace. Whether your business identifies itself as a DevOps shop or not, there are some valuable efficiencies that we can all take from those that do. It is possible to apply some of the lessons learned from the DevOps movement to your Enterprise to see immediate returns.

Join Tintri’s very own, Matt Geddes, Field-CTO, as he teaches lessons on how the DevOps movement is helping companies with an already existing DevOps footprint and those without learning how to...

• Deploy software faster while reducing failure rates and outages
• Support its digital transformation
• Increase agility and efficiency
• Get more value from storage that integrates with your environment


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