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So You Think You Know VVol?

Taneja Group Technology AnalystsVM-aware storage is the future. It brings storage into alignment with virtual machines, and makes the jobs of virtualization and storage admins much easier. VMware vSphere Virtual Volumes (VVol) brings vSphere 6 closer to that vision, but what is less clear is whether conventional storage can actually deliver on the VVol promise. And there are still many questions: how does VVol work, how well do conventional storage vendors work with VVol, and what VM-aware storage features does VVol support?

Join us for a webinar featuring experts from The Taneja Group and Tintri as we discuss the roots, the promise, and the future of VVols, and how Tintri VM-aware storage delivers the benefits of virtual volumes today across multiple hypervisor platforms.

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Explore the 7 Myths, the 5 Ws and the other fundamentals of VVol.