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SQL Virtual IO Whack-a-Mole

VMUGVirtualizing the SQL Server database is often one of the last hurdles for many organizations to go 100% virtualized as disk I/O takes a mysterious journey. In this session we will take the mystery out of virtual disk I/O. Using common infrastructure tools including vCenter graphs and counters, ESXTOP, and ESXi instrumentation, we will explore the path of a disk I/O and share repeatable methods that can be used to quickly identify the cause of a performance bottleneck. Along the way we will explore SQL Server, the Virtual Machine, the hypervisor, virtual switches, physical switches, and the storage. We will also show the power of application analytics – using the SentryOne solution to analyze SQL Server and Tintri I/O performance, including the impact on server from the Virtual Host all the way down to the individual SQL queries impacting performance. Both Tintri and SentryOne have strong integration with VMware vSphere environments.

Presented by: Rob Girard, Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer, Tintri and Scott Fallen, Solutions Engineering Team Lead, SentryOne

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