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Tintri Product Launch - May 2016

Scale from TB to PB with <1 FTEDid you hear the news? Tintri announced a new Scale-out storage platform designed to help enterprises and cloud service providers build cloud-scale infrastructure. This is the biggest product launch in our history with new products including VM Scale-out, Tintri Analytics and nine new all-flash hardware models—all built on the Tintri foundation of VM-aware storage (VAS).

  • Scale-out storage platform: Federated pool of systems as a single unit. Start with a single storage node and grow to 32 nodes, supporting up to 160,000 VMs and 10 PB of storage for less than $1/GB. 
  • VM scale-out software: Optimizes the distribution of VMs across the pools of VMstores. Scale your storage as simply as compute. Clear separation of control and data flow. 
  • Tintri analytics: A predictive analytics solution for long term capacity AND performance planning. Generate actionable insights based on VM level data. 
  • New all flash models: All flash models with capacity and expansion capabilities. Leverage the latest in 3D NAND technology and high density drives.

Watch Tintri co-founder and CTO, Kieran Harty discuss and demo the only VM Scale-out platform for virtualized and cloud applications.

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