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Tintri Super-Charges Enterprise Cloud

Build Security-Compliant DRaaS on TintriHere’s the reality: Many vendors claim they do cloud, but most are cloud in name only. To have a true enterprise cloud platform that delivers public cloud like capabilities, you need to start with the right architecture.

With a web services architecture that lets you spin up and down environments in seconds and VM and container level operation that lets you manage hundreds of thousands of VMs at scale, Tintri leads the field with a truckload of cloud capabilities such as autonomous services, analytics, self-service and automation. And we have just gone one step further. Join us to hear about the new products including:

  • Cloud Connector – jump-start your multi cloud strategy by tying Tintri to AWS and IBM Cloud Object Storage
  • Compute Analytics – extend Tintri’s unmatched predictive power from storage to compute
  • Scale-out – build for the future with the only platform that scales to 480,000 virtual machines
  • Storage migration – shrink hours to minutes by offloading storage live migration
  • Machine learning – learn how Tintri applies machine learning to QoS, analytics and more

We’ve always been different from the competition. Now we’re setting ourselves apart even more. Sign up today and find out how.

Speakers: Kieran Harty, CTO & Founder, Chuck Dubuque, VP Products and Solutions, Tomer Hagay, Sr. Director Technical Marketing Engineers

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