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Tintri Tech 20/20 Webinar Series

Tintri Tech 20/20 Webinar SeriesThe Tintri Tech 20/20 series takes you deeper into the Tintri product line, highlighting key features, new updates and live demos all in 20 minutes.

Get 20/20 vision into Tintri from Tintri's TME team, who will focus on key learnings to show customers what the Tintri product line is capable of.

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View the latest in our series of webcasts, Tintri Cloud-Based Hands-on-Labs, or view on-demand the previous webcasts in our ongoing series.

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Tintri Tech 20/20 Webcasts

View Tintri 20/20 webinars series for the following Tintri products:

Tintri Analytics

Tintri Analytics provides a comprehensive view of the past 3 years of historical metrics, as well as an 18 month forward trending view. See how to navigate space, performance, working set, CPU, and memory usage trends. Learn how to use profiles to view VM storage, VM compute, and application metrics. Understand how Tintri customers benefit from the use of historical metrics when planning for future projects.

Speakers: Rob Girard & Tomer Hagay

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Tintri Cloud Based Hands-on-Labs

Get a behind the scenes look at Tintri's new cloud-based virtual lab environment - Tintri Live. These virtual labs offer the ability to perform a hands-on examination of Tintri's technology - all from within a self-contained sandbox where users can examine, experiment, or be as destructive as they wish. Join Tomer Hagay and Mike Cooney as they discuss this latest resource offering and how Tintri's comprehensive API capabilities and VM centric approach to managing storage were leveraged to deliver the automation, orchestration, and performance required of such an environment.

Speakers: Mike Cooney & Tomer Hagay

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Tintri Cloud Connector

This Tintri Tech 20/20 focuses on replicating VM-Level snapshots to AWS S3 & IBM Cloud Object Storage using the Tintri Cloud Connector. Demonstrations include configuration of cloud replication destinations, protection schedules, and replication. See how cloud resident snapshots are downloaded to any VMstore managed by Tintri Global Center, and cloned into VMs. Learn how to create data protection & disaster recovery schemas that meet business requirements.

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Tintri EC6000 & FlexDrive

With the Tintri All-Flash Array, you can guarantee performance, crunch real-time analytics, and predict future needs: all at the application level. And with two storage options, you can do it whether you're a lone department or a sprawling enterprise. This month’s Tintri Tech 20/20 focuses on the new EC6000 All Flash Family of arrays.

Demonstrations will include:

  • FlexDrive
  • Expansion Estimator
  • IPMI Remote Management
  • 40 Gbit Networking

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Tintri Snapshots & SyncVM

This webinar focuses on Tintri's unique snapshot functionality and explores a number of capabilities which can be exploited when using this foundational technology. Join the Tintri Technical Marketing team for this live show and tell session, which will combine high-level technology overviews with hands-on demonstrations in a real data center environment.

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