Virtualizing Mission Critical Applications with VMware | Tintri

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Virtualizing Mission Critical Applications with VMware and Tintri

Tintri Video On-DemandThe percentage of virtualized workloads has skyrocketed from 2% to 75% in the past decade. So, how can you best virtualize your mission critical applications? In this webinar, we gather advice from a trio of experts: 

  • Don Sullivan, Product Line Marketing Manager for Business Critical Applications and Oracle Certified Master at VMware
  • Dean Bolton, Chief Architect and Founder of VLSS 
  • Christoper Slater, Technical Marketing Engineer at Tintri 

This session is for the data center professional that wants to get under the covers of storage for virtualization. It’s a chance to learn how to: 

  • Deploy large databases on-demand with greater QoS and lower cost 
  • Accelerate application life cycles from development to production  

Join us for this very provocative discussion and get your virtualization questions answered.

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