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VM-aware storage — the demo and the details

VMs vs LUNsThere’s a simple way to get more done with less storage—VM-aware storage (VAS). That’s why VAS is the most explored storage technology today, ahead of all-flash and hyper converged (52% of your peers are exploring VAS right now). So, do you know what makes VAS tick? In this webinar, Tintri’s resident evangelist, Justin Lauer will show you how different VAS is from conventional storage:

  • See the architectural differences between VAS and LUNs
  • Check out a Tintri demo — complete 4 storage tasks in minutes
  • Learn how one company manages 2 PB and 50,000 VMs in just 4 hours per week

Fixing your storage pain starts with breaking down VAS. Once you understand the fundamental difference, you’ll see storage differently.

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