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VM-Centric Storage Does VVOLs Better

VMware’s long awaited VVOL (Virtual Volume) technology promises to bring the benefits of VM awareness and per-VM data services to the general purpose storage world.  Shifting the basic unit of storage management from the LUN or datastore to the virtual machine, brings benefits from simplifying storage management to improving data protection through per-VM snapshots and improved storage performance.
In this webinar, we’ll discuss the business and technology benefits of per-VM data services. Just as significantly we’ll  discuss how some implementations of VVOLs on legacy storage will fail to deliver on all the promise of truly VM-centric storage.
Topics covered include:
  • The promise of VM-centric storage
  • How VVOLs addresses the need
  • Limitations of a basic VVOLs implementation
  • How VM-centric storage and VVOLs work together