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2016 State of Storage for Cloud Service Providers

2016 State of Storage for Cloud Service ProvidersAs a CSP, you operate in a competitive market, and you’ve got to know how you stack up against your peers. So in December 2015, we surveyed 78 CSPs and followed up via 1:1 conversations to identify the pains and priorities that define their businesses. We’ve summarized the results here in our State of Storage 2016 for CSPs report. Dig in and you’ll learn:

• The three features CSPs use to create differentiated services
• The three biggest storage challenges that all CSPs face today
• The one major pain point that doesn’t appear as a purchase criteria

The report focuses on storage because it’s so central to CSP success. In our study, nearly one-third of respondents spend more than 10 percent of their revenue on storage. With 75 percent of respondents having virtualized over 80 percent of their environments, CSPs must look for storage built for their virtual workloads. To wit, the fastest-growing CSPs actively use storage to unlock new efficiencies and deliver differentiated services to their customers. It’s clear that for CSPs, selecting storage can be a make-or-break business decision.