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7 reasons to deploy Tintri for VDI

1. Per-VM quality of service

Per-VM quality of service

Tintri VM-aware storage automatically delivers the quality of service (QoS) applications need without any manual tuning or policy management. This means that you can safely mix your virtual desktops with your server applications and cloud workloads on the same VMstore without causing performance issues. If you ever need to make adjustments to QoS, you can do so for individual VMs, for example setting a MAX IOPS ceiling for a rogue desktop or setting MIN IOPS to guarantee performance for persistent machines. Tintri ensures QoS at the VM level regardless of the supported hypervisors that are running on the Tintri VMstore system.


2. VM isolation means performance for all workloads

Tintri VM-aware storage eliminates the “noisy neighbor” problem. Tintri gives each VM its own IO “lane” so every desktop receives the performance it needs without manual intervention. Whether you start with VDI and add server workloads, or start with server virtualization and want to add VDI and cloud, Tintri lets you guarantee the performance of each of your VMs.

Case Study

The University of Arkansas’ Sam M. Walton College of Business implemented a very successful server virtualization project. Soon after, the College decided to expand the project by deploying VMware View virtual desktops across the campus, enabling students to work on their assignments remotely.  With Tintri, the Business school’s virtual desktops achieved better performance than physical desktops at one-third the cost, providing students and faculty with remote access to campus labs and applications.

University of Arkansas

With conventional storage

According to Scott Zemke, senior systems engineer, their EMC arrays couldn’t deliver the IOPS needed to manage both virtual desktops and virtualized servers. They tried to fix the deficiency by purchasing a Dell EqualLogic system, but it could not deliver the performance needed for their virtualized environment.

With Tintri VAS

University of Arkansas was able to guarantee the performance of more than 2,000 desktops by isolating each one in its own lane. End user trouble tickets came to an abrupt end. “Tintri is the only game in town. The only storage designed for the demands of virtualized environments,” summarized William Allred, associate director of technology center.

“Once when I was working behind one of the Tintri racks, I accidentally unplugged the power supply. Before I could plug it back in, a support engineer from Tintri called to say, ‘We noticed that your power supply has failed; we are sending a new one out – where do you want it shipped?’ I said ‘Thanks for noticing, but give me a minute to plug it back in and we should be just fine.”

Scott Zemke, Senior Systems Engineer

See the full case study here



3. Simplest storage, guaranteed

Tintri VMstore goes from box to rack to running virtual machines (VMs) in a matter of minutes. As a matter of fact, it can be installed and configured in less than 60 minutes. There’s no complicated configuration. Simply assign an IP address, connect your virtualization management tools and begin migrating or deploying VMs. That is the fastest time to production in storage, guaranteed. And Tintri’s VM-aware storage design eliminates the complexity of LUNs, volumes, RAID, striping and more, so you can manage just individual VMs. That ensures there’s a shared language across the data center when talking about storage, and that any member of your team can manage Tintri without a storage PhD. 

Case Study

PTS Data Center Solutions, a large integrated IT service provider, manages two IT environments —one corporate and one hosted cloud services—both with unique challenges and requirements. With Tintri, PTS implemented one, simple-to-manage storage platform that provides much faster IOPs and better visibility into performance, thus allowing PTS to optimize both of their environments.


With conventional storage

According to Pete Sacco, president and founder of PTS, their existing NetApp arrays were not providing enough IOPs. They were forced to use a very complex combination of SSDs, flashcards and flash drives, and a myriad of different methodologies in order to get enough performance.

With Tintri VAS

“The other vendors’ solutions are also far more expensive and difficult to manage from a network standpoint, because they require us to use cards on the servers, buffers, and caches, and all kinds of layers of complexity,” said Pete Sacco. “Tintri’s simplicity is its greatest benefit.”

“One of the largest growth areas we are seeing is the VDI market. Tintri enables us to bring VDI to our customers much more easily and cost effectively.” 

Pete Sacco, President and Founder

See the full case study here


4. Make cloning and deploying desktop VMs a breeze

Make cloning and deploying desktop VMs a breeze

Tintri VM-aware storage can instantly provision high-performing and space-efficient clones of individual desktop VMs. Per-VM cloning along with features such as auto-alignment and performance isolation makes VDI and virtualized dev/test a simple, risk-free reality. Need to roll out a new operating system? No problem. Deploy hundreds or thousands of VMs quickly and easily with extreme space efficiency. Mobility, critical in today’s world, is also possible with Tintri. Professionals can access all desktops, applications and online services, remotely and securely, from any device on any platform, while boosting IT efficiency, protecting sensitive citizen data and cutting costs.



5. Visibility at the VM level

Visibility at the VM level

Tintri VM-aware storage provides visibility right down to the VM-level—and not just for storage. With Tintri you can see across host, network and storage to pinpoint problems. So instead of having to go through four or five management interfaces to find out where a slowdown is happening, you can go into Tintri VMstore, dive straight into the VM and see where the problem lies—storage-related, host-related or bandwidth-related. Fault-finding is a lot faster and you are able to resolve issues quicker.



6. Scale without cost or complexity

Tintri offers unmatched virtual desktop density. Since it is architected specifically for virtualization, a 2U VMstore can support up to 5,000 virtual desktops with high performance and consistent sub-millisecond latency. Your VMstore user interface shows you exactly how much capacity and performance reserves are available, so you never need to over-provision, saving you capital expenses. 

And as your Tintri footprint grows, know that you can manage up to 32 VMstores—that’s more than 3 petabytes and 1 million VMs—from a single pane of glass. Assign policies to individual desktops that follow them as you move them between groups or systems. Tintri’s automation ensures you can scale with simplicity. 

Case Study

South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust (HSC) has transformed their approach to healthcare by taking medical and other services out of the hospital and bringing them closer to patients. Of course, with this transformation, IT had to support the needs of their newly mobile, staff. With Tintri VM-aware storage, HSC now has a secure and scalable storage platform and are able to provide mobility for 12,000 staff members.


With conventional storage

EHS’ existing storage couldn’t handle the spikes in IO demand that came with VDI. Boot storms, scans and other actions left their employees in the field waiting—their very small IT team didn’t have the time to configure, tweak and fix things all day long.

With Tintri VAS

HSC was able to quickly unlock their ability to scale VDI. “We expect the superior performance and ease of scale of Tintri storage appliances will enable us to roll out our full VDI project, which is expected to grow to several thousand users,” stated Henderson. “Tintri is a much more scalable and cost effective solution.”

“Tintri is the enabler for VDI, and VDI is the enabler for the mobility we provide to our employees.”

Darren Henderson, ICT Services Manager 

See the full case study here



7. Full support for VMware Horizon View and Citrix XenDesktop 

The Tintri VMstore has undergone rigorous testing to ensure comprehensive support for major VDI platforms. Tintri is a VMware Ready Partner for VMware Horizon View and a Citrix Ready Partner for Citrix XenDesktop. 

On the VMware platform, Tintri supports VMware View and VMware Horizon, with full support for VMware View Compose Array Integration (VCAI). On the Citrix platform, Tintri supports Citrix XenDesktop running on VMware vSphere, and takes advantage of Citrix Machine Creation Services (MCS) and Provisioning Services (PVS). 




So, there you have it—the top seven reasons to deploy Tintri for virtual desktop infrastructure. If your organization has prioritized VDI, then your storage should too...and that means Tintri. Tintri VM-aware storage is built specifically for VDI, so it can be faster, cheaper, and better than physical desktops. Storage that was built for physical workloads (with LUNs, volumes, etc.) just can’t keep up with the demands of virtual desktops. And, despite the noise, Tintri is the ONLY storage system specifically built for virtualized environments and to enable VDI.