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Cloud Automation with Tintri

Using the Tintri vRealize Orchestrator Plugin

Many enterprise IT teams are deploying private clouds to allow on-premises infrastructure to offer the streamlined consumption model, improved agility, and economics of the public cloud. Enterprises need to simplify and automate services available from existing IT infrastructure to achieve this goal.

IT infrastructure can be simplified through virtual machine (VM) awareness. Tintri provides VM-aware storage that frees IT from having to worry about and orchestrate the complexities of LUNs, zoning, masking, and other storage specifics. Because all Tintri capabilities are provided at VM granularity, Tintri VMstore storage arrays, add significant value in terms of allowing users to easily protect and replicate individual VMs.

VMware vRealize Automation has become a popular cloud platform supporting self-service for private and hybrid cloud deployments. VMware vRealize Orchestrator simplifies the process of creating fully custom workflows. Tintri vRealize Orchestrator plugin facilitates the integration and use of Tintri storage in vRealize environments. It provides a variety of pre-defined workflows for common Tintri tasks. This white paper explains how you can use this plugin to accomplish important storage tasks including snapshot for VM protection, replication for disaster recovery, VM sync to update datasets in development and test environments, and QoS to manage performance service levels across large numbers of VMs.


The cloud has had a profound effect on the IT landscape. Enterprises are creating private cloud infrastructures to deliver a similar user experience as the public cloud, delivering the benefits of greater business agility and lower IT costs. Many enterprises are combining both private cloud and public cloud resources in a hybrid cloud model that allows them to take advantage of the predictable performance and costs of on-premises infrastructure while being able to utilize the public cloud for special projects, bursts of activity that exceed on-premises capacity, and other special needs.

Creating a private cloud requires some fundamental changes to IT:

  • Simplify the underlying infrastructure
  • Develop a simple methodology to provide IT as a Service 
  • Improve quality via repeatable, standardized deployments that reduce human error
  • Improve speed of service delivery via automation 
  • Adapt and change with evolving business needs

This paper discusses how you can take advantage of Tintri VM-aware storage capabilities in a cloud environment. Specifically, using Tintri storage in combination with vRealize Automation and vRealize Orchestrator results in a highly efficient private cloud solution. By utilizing Tintri clones, snapshots, and replication, and integrating those capabilities into a self-service portal, the promise of the private cloud—lower costs and faster time to market—can be achieved. Tintri provides a plugin for vRealize Orchestrator that automates common Tintri workflows for use within vRealize Orchestrator. The second half of this paper focuses on common Tintri use cases.

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