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Data Protection Overview and Best Practices

Data Protection Overview and Best Practices

This white paper works through data protection processes and best practices using the Tintri VMstore. Tintri technology is differentiated by its level of abstraction—the ability to take every action on individual virtual machines. In this paper, you’ll:

  • Learn how that greatly increases the precision and efficiency of snapshots for data protection
  • Explore the ability to move between recovery points
  • Analyze the behavior of individual virtual machines
  • Predict the need for additional capacity and performance for data protection

If you’re focused on building a successful data protection solution, this document targets key best practices and known challenges. Hypervisor administrators and staff members associated with architecting, deploying and administering a data protection and disaster recovery solution will want to dig into this document to understand how Tintri can save them the majority of their management effort and greatly reduce operating expense.

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