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Microsoft SMB File Sharing Best Practices Guide

This paper demonstrates best practices for creating a Microsoft SMB file sharing solution with Tintri VMstores. Microsoft SMB file sharing solutions can be architected in a number of ways. This paper explores some of these scenarios but limits the scope to only the best practices that apply to Tintri VMstores.

The Tintri VMstore is purpose-built storage solution for virtual machines. IT administrators with working knowledge of virtualization can easily deploy Tintri storage. When deploying Tintri storage, there are no prerequisite operations such as LUN provisioning, HBA compatibility checks, or FC LUN zoning operations. From a VMware administrator point of view, the entire Tintri VMstore is presented as a single datastore.

Tintri VMstore delivers extreme performance, VM density, and a wide variety of powerful data management features, which are seamlessly integrated with vSphere. These examples of data management functionality include snapshots, clones, instant bottleneck visualization, and automatic virtual disk alignment. Tintri VMstore extends and simplifies the management of virtual machines (VMs) through intrinsic VM-awareness that reaches from the top of the computing stack, all the way down into the storage system.

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