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Microsoft SQL Server Best Practices on Tintri - Stand Alone Instances

As virtualization first made its appearance into corporate datacenters, many admins were skeptical that mission critical servers, such as Microsoft SQL database servers, could be successfully virtualized without suffering from a substantial loss in performance compared to physical server deployments. Virtualization technology has matured significantly over the years and mission critical servers can safely be deployed as VMs. The paper However, caution should be taken to ensure your VMs are setup correctly, just as you would ensure that physical servers and their components were configured for performance and scalability.

One can find many best practice documents and also tips and tricks for virtualizing SQL Server instances and to get the most out of a SQL Server VM. While most advice is helpful and applicable, some simply no longer applies when virtualizing your SQL Servers on a Tintri VMstore, especially those that contain advice regarding storage configuration. A Tintri VMstore is smart storage that sees, learns, and adapts in a virtualized world, and the goal of this document is to provide you with information to take full advantage of everything a Tintri VMstore has to offer for virtualizing Microsoft SQL Server deployments.

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