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Tintri Enterprise Cloud At a Glance

Tintri puts the agility of public cloud inside your data center. Tintri’s all-flash architecture uses building blocks similar to public cloud to simply manage enterprise and cloud-native applications. Leading cloud service providers and organizations, including Comcast, Chevron, NASA and Toyota, trust Tintri with enterprise cloud.


Tintri operates at the right level of abstraction for enterprise cloud. While other storage works in dated LUNs and volumes, the Tintri CONNECT architecture uses VMs and containers—the currency of cloud.


Tintri offers a set of clean REST APIs that make it easy to connect all-flash to compute, network and other elements of your cloud. APIs allow Tintri to see and share across your entire infrastructure.

Autonomous Operation

Autonomous Operation

Assign every virtual machine and container its own lane, so there are never any noisy neighbors.

Real-Time Analytics

Real-Time Analytics

Gain real-time visibility into every VM and container. Predict future capacity and performance needs and model what-if scenarios.

Powerful Automation

Powerful Automation

Use our automation and orchestration tools for hands-free provisioning, policy application and other tasks at scale.



Remove dependencies on IT. Allow permissioned individuals to chat requests to Tintri through Slack, Amazon Echo and more.

Storage System

Scale out from 17 TB to 10 PB. Automatically optimize the location of up to 160,000 VMs across the pool. Manage it all from one central console.

Tintri All-Flash Array

All-Flash Array

Expandable up to 308 TB.
5,000 virtual machines in 2U.

Tintri Hybrid-Flash Array

Hybrid-Flash Array

Capacity up to 120 TB.
3,500 virtual machines in 4U.