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Tintri Storage for Application Development & DevOps Teams

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Development teams are adopting new methodologies such as continuous build using tools like Jenkins, Puppet, and Docker. In this faster paced environment with more complex applications, conventional infrastructure is put under greater stress across development, test, and production teams. In addition to performance stress, both tuning and troubleshooting of a largely virtualized infrastructure cannot be easily automated.

Storage presents one of the most acute and expensive pain points in development and testing environments. Organizations that fail to effectively address these storage challenges face increased costs, decreased developer productivity and unnecessary complexity. Tintri provides a storage solution for virtual and hybrid cloud environments that addresses the biggest operational and performance problems that development teams face.

With Tintri storage you can:

  • Scale Quickly – Enable developers and QA teams to create instantaneous high performance and space efficient clones for developers and QA/test teams
  • Automate Easily – Easily build scripts that work at the VM-level to facilitate continuous integration (CI) using PowerShell and REST API
  • Troubleshoot Accurately – Enable any team to instantly identify performance hot spots at the hypervisor, network and storage levels with comprehensive performance visualization
  • Reclaim Data Center Space – Reduce storage needed for dev/test environments with up to 4x greater density than traditional storage systems
  • Protect Only What Matters – Reduce the cost and time to protect, replicate, and recover data with VM-level data protection. Eliminate wasted storage space from volume level snapshots.
  • Push Performance Limits – Automatically delivery consistent performance across mixed workloads and multiple hypervisors
  • Make Better Decisions Faster – Leverage performance and storage reporting across multiple hypervisors at the VM-level.

Bringing high-quality applications to market faster allows you to meet the demands of your business and customers. With application-aware storage, application development teams can embrace not just continuous development, but continuous integration and respond to customers needs in near real-time. 

Why Tintri

  • Smart Storage Built for Virtualization & Cloud Teams
  • Eliminates Mundane Storage Management
  • Visibility & Automation at the VM-level
  • Best-In-Class Speed & Density