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Tintri VMstack™ Converged Infrastructure

Choose to Simply Scale in Any Direction

Given the fast pace of change in your data center, you need solutions that deliver simplicity. From easy procurement, installation and support to short purchase-to-production cycles, that’s the promise of converged—simplicity out of the gate.

So, how do you ensure simplicity? You do it through choice. The Tintri VMstack Converged Infrastructure is the industry’s first VM-aware stack, offering you the choice of hybrid-flash or all-flash storage, multiple hypervisors, compute, networkand applications. Tintri VMstack Partners offer use case driven solutions to meet your business needs with a variety of prequalified stacks designed for specific use cases.

Choose from best-of-breed components. Choose to scale components all together or one at a time as needed. Choose to run your workloads on multi-hypervisors concurrently without adding or having separate storage nodes. Choose Tintri VMstack for the best combination of choice, simplicity and VM-aware storage, so you can manage your applications, not your infrastructure.

Tintri VMstack Converged Infrastructure



Choose from a rich ecosystem of best-of-breed component vendors. You can accommodate changing workloads on the same Tintri VMstack. And since Tintri VMstack is modular, you can scale in any direction as your business changes and grows.


Tintri VMstack is easy to install, so you can have storage, compute and network configured in minutes. And then easy to use, so you can see (and troubleshoot) across your entire infrastructure and breakdown barriers between teams. You can even automate management at the VM-level for ultimate agility and simplicity.


Conventional storage found in other converged solutions still relies on LUNs and volumes, which requires storage expertise to manage. Tintri uses individual VMs as the unit of management (and a common language), so anyone on your team can clone, replicate, set QoS and analyze at the VM-level.


Tintri and Cisco

Tintri and Cisco® are working together to make it easier for customers to deploy and support virtualized applications with a single point of contact. Under the Cisco Data Center Solution Support Service for Critical Infrastructure (SSCI) program, Cisco will provide Level 1 (24x7) support for joint Tintri and Cisco customers.

Cook & Boardman Group“Tintri builds on all of the benefits of using Cisco UCS Servers and VMware for virtualization, and takes it one step further. With Tintri, I don’t have to manage storage anymore.”

Rafael Cohen, Director of IT Services, The Cook & Boardman Group, LLC


VMstack for every Use Case

Powered by the proven Tintri VMstore storage platform, Tintri VMstack is built for virtualized workloads, including these specific use cases:



Private Cloud


  • vRealize Operations and vCenter Orchestrator
  • OpenStack Based

Server Virtualization

  • Microsoft SQL Server, Exchange, SharePoint
  • Oracle RAC, database


“We tested the Tintri as a target for our new VMware Horizon 6 VDI machines. We put our VMware VDI workload on it for testing. It worked extremely well for the 600 virtual desktops. Our VDI boot up times have been cut in half.”

Bob Lanning, Senior Infrastructure Engineer, Premier

DoD Cyber Range

“It used to take as long as two weeks to roll out hundreds of VMs for new customer events. With Tintri, it only takes minutes. Plus, the additional VMs don’t strain the system’s ability to deliver high performance once provisioned. Tintri’s speed in provisioning is a huge strategic advantage.”

Senior Program Manager, DoD Cyber Range


“Consistent 5x performance, simple manageability, and the small footprint of Tintri VMstore appliances allow us to deploy compute and storage together as a cluster in remote locations.”

Ross Alaspa, Application Server Architect, AMD