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Tintri VMstore for Dev/Test Environment

There are many challenges within an organization when it comes to development. First is the software development life cycle (SDLC). Agile and Waterfall are the typical approaches used. The Agile approach allows developers to focus on a particular section of a project, make frequent changes, and enables frequent testing during the life cycle. The Waterfall approach goes in phases and completion of one phase leads to the next phase. Unlike the Agile approach, the Waterfall is less flexible and requires nailing down the scope and project requirements up front.

The classic argument between developers and IT revolves around who owns and manages the infrastructure. Developers want an infrastructure that allows them to deploy environments without limitation of scalability, performance issues, and can easily be automated. IT want to keep developers under control making sure they don’t consume more resources than needed. Virtualization has helped alleviate most of these issues by allowing these groups to co-exist on the same infrastructure.

Features such as resource pools help guarantee performance for production workloads from Dev/Test workloads. VLANs ensured network isolation on physical switches, which propagate down to virtual switches. Virtual machine snapshots and clones help speed up the build time of environments. Virtualization is only part of the equation, yet is has traditionally been the easiest to employ. Storage plays a big role here as well, but needs to work at the same level as the virtual machines.

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