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Tintri VMstore with Oracle RAC Best Practice Guide

Oracle makes transactional database software that is deployed by thousands of companies to store, manage, and derive business value from structured data. Oracle can be deployed as a stand-alone database or with multiple database servers in a Real Application Cluster (RAC).

This best practices paper focuses on the installation of Oracle RAC with Tintri and VMware. It details the steps necessary to add Tintri storage to an Oracle RAC node. Detailed instructions for installing Oracle RAC with VMware are provided in the white papers listed in the appendix of this document.

Tintri has published a best practices paper for deploying a single instance of the Oracle database with the Tintri VMstore. That guide contains detailed deployment and performance tuning recommendations for running Oracle with VMware on a Tintri VMstore. The performance tuning recommendations in that document also apply to individual Oracle RAC nodes.

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