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Tintri VMstore™ with VMware® Best Practice Guide

Deploying storage into your virtual environment should be a straight forward process. Tintri VMstore is designed so that IT administrators with a working knowledge of vSphere™ can successfully deployTintri’s purpose-built virtual machine (VMs) storage as easily as ESX/ESXi Server.

Tintri VMstore delivers extreme performance and VM density, and a wide variety of powerful features, which are seamlessly integrated with vSphere. Examples include snapshots, clones, instant bottleneck visualization, and automatic virtual disk alignment. Tintri VMstore extends and simplifies the management of VMs through an intrinsic VM-awareness that reaches from the top of the computing stack, all the way down into the flash (SSD) and disk (HDD) drives.

This guide highlights the key considerations and configuration settings that promote a high-performance and reliable networking environment for connecting your vSphere assets and clusters to TintriVMstore.

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