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Tintri VMstore™ with VMware® vSphere and Oracle Database Best Practice Guide

Per Gartner, at least 70% of workloads in the enterprise datacenter have been virtualized. The successful deployment of virtualized database workloads with VMware is made possible with the right choice of storage. Tintri designed the VMstore storage platform specifically to support the I/O requirements of virtualized workloads. Thus it provides an exceptional storage platform for the deployment of mission- critical databases with the VMware hypervisor.

Tintri smart storage sees, learns and adapts, enabling virtualization administrators and DBAs to focus on running the database instead of managing the storage infrastructure. Tintri application-aware storage eliminates second-guessing and complex troubleshooting by providing VM-level visibility, control, performance insight, and consistent high levels of performance from flash. Today, the Tintri VMstore powers hundreds of thousands of virtual machines running business critical databases, enterprise apps, desktop and mobile apps, and private clouds.

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