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Tintri's How-To Guide — Quick & Easy Setup within Minutes

Tintri’s All-Flash storage and software maximizes performance for your applications. Our How-to Guide shows you how to put your All-Flash Array into action in minutes. Tintri controls each application automatically, so you don’t have to. Quickly unbox, set up, and utilize your Tintri system in seven easy steps. And you can manage your entire virtual footprint from a single pane of glass. Conventional storage just can’t match Tintri’s ease-of-use and flexibility.

Key Takeaways:         

  1. Tintri All-Flash Arrays come with simple-to-use software for managing multiple systems, protecting your data, and setting up DevOps Environments.
  2. Go from setup to checking on performance to predicting the future in seven quick steps.
  3. Tintri outpaces the competition by making it easy to guarantee performance, scale-out, replicate virtual machines, and more.

Download the entire Tintri How-To Guide today for more details.