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Top 10 Reasons to Deploy Tintri for Virtualization and Private Cloud

1. Simple deployment

Packaged as a storage hardware appliance, Tintri VMstore™ goes from box to rack and running VMs in a matter of minutes. There is no complicated configuration: simply assign an IP address, connect your virtualization management tools and begin migrating or deploying VMs.

2. Intuitive administration

Tintri VMstore uses a purpose-built storage architecture designed to provision storage for individual VMs and vDisks, increasing productivity for virtual administrators. There is no RAID, LUN or volume configuration required with Tintri.

3. Industry’s Only VM-level Performance Guarantee

Tintri OS provides complete control over the Quality of Service (QoS) at a VM-level, independent of capacity. It eliminates the guesswork in traditional QoS design & delivery with visualization of performance resources & contention at a VM-level. Enabling performance protection and throttling is as simple as drag and drop to set min and max IOPs.

4. Up to 3,500 VMs and 100TB in 4U

Delivering 99% of the IO from flash, a single Tintri VMstore supports up to 3,500 virtual machines with high performance and consistent sub-millisecond latency. This results in the industry’s best VM density, storage density and lowest cost per virtual workload.

5. Performance for all workloads

Tintri VMstore eliminates the “noisy neighbor” problem typically found in traditional storage by allocating appropriate performance resources for each VM automatically and transparently. Tintri gives each VM its own IO “lane” so your virtualization or private cloud environment gets application-optimized performance without complex policies or manual tuning. Your applications receive the best performance right out of the box, even with mixed server, desktop and cloud workloads.

6. Protect VMs painlessly

Tintri VMstore enables you to take or schedule instant, space-efficient native snapshots of individual VMs. These per-VM snapshots can be efficiently replicated over the WAN with ReplicateVM™ (licensed separately). This means easy, automated data protection and higher service levels for individual VMs without having to replicate whole LUNs or volumes as with traditional storage. You can rest easy with support for 1 minute RPO on Tintri VMstore.

7. Make cloning VMs a breeze

Tintri VMstore can instantly provision high-performing and space-efficient clones of individual VMs. Per-VM- cloning along with features such as auto-alignment and performance isolation makes VDI and virtualized dev/test a simple, risk-free reality.

8. Identify bottlenecks instantly

Tintri VMstore monitors every I/O request at a vDisk and VM. Administrators can use Tintri VMstore to instantly visualize where potential performance issues exist, whether on the storage, host or network. When is the last time your storage helped you troubleshoot a network issue?

9. Plug & play scalability

With Tintri, scaling to support thousands of VMs is easy and cost-effective—just add more VMstores. With Tintri Global Center™ (licensed separately), you can monitor and manage up to 32 VMstores and over 100,000 virtual machines from a single interactive web console or with few lines of code, making scaling storage for virtualization and private cloud simple and efficient. You can construct and manage dynamic groups of VMs and apply storage policies.

10. Foundation for private cloud

Tintri smart storage is the perfect solution for the challenges of private cloud. Adding automation and self-service to your virtualization environment, or re-architecting applications for the cloud increases both the number of VMs and the rate of change in your environment. Can your current storage handle many more virtual machines and a much higher rate of change while maintaining performance, QoS and manageability? Tintri smart storage can.